Pre-Admission Criteria

1. Applicants must be ambulatory
2. Have a primary psychiatric DSM V diagnosis – documented confirmation is required
3. Co-occuring disorder per DSM V – documented confirmation is required every month
4. Actively be participating or willing to participate in a community mental health program
5. Able to self- administer medications as prescribed – Medication will be monitored
6. Have at least 3 months sobriety – must be actively participating in a community program (12 step, Celebrate Recovery, Smart Recovery, Church, etc.)
7. Cannot be a danger to self or others
8. Cannot have had any suicidal attempts or self-injurious actions in the past one years
9. Cannot have committed or have been a part of a crime of moral turpitude
10. Parole and or Probation mandates will be considered on a case by case basis.

Life Skills Building toward more independence

"Working with Transition Rehab, a unified organization, it is important for us to first ensure that we establish a foundation of understanding through an initial assessment that can help to uncover the root of the underlying symptoms. Medication management is also often important in order to address mental health concerns, addiction concerns and/or any medical conditions that an individual may be experiencing."

Human Resilience + Opportunities for Meaningful Roles = A New Life Purpose

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