Our Process

Transition Rehab works with individuals whose behaviors effect the daily activities of life of entire family system, and can be so severe becomes increasingly necessary to seek out all-encompassing agency as Transition Rehab to meet your needs to provides individualized and clinical continuum of care.

Family Care Taker Respite Workshop

Having a family member with a mental disability, experiencing emotional distress can be overwhelming at times. Transition Rehab iis here to help families learn how to balance stress, navigate the system, advocate for your loved one and access services.

Janice is working to help our family learn coping skills that assists my family member in medication stabilization and sustaining a volunteer position in the community.

-CP Esq

We are very grateful to Janice who has been working with our daughter for almost three years now. Our daughter has many personal challenges to overcome in her journey.

-NC and KC (Ph.D.)