Change Can Be Hard

Making changes can be difficult, and nowhere is this more evident than when you are dealing with behavioral health.
Breaking habits involves making a lot of simultaneous life changes, including:

  • How you cope with stress
  • Who you spend your time
  • How you spend your free time
  • How you feel about yourself

It is estimated that as many as 26.2 percent of all American adults have a diagnosable form of mental illness. Psychiatric and Co-Occurring disorders, such as addiction, impulses and medical issues cause significant problems in everyday life. These behaviors may manifest emotionally, psychologically and even physically.
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Building a Meaningful Life

Rebuilding your life, your hobbies and, in some cases, your loves around a healthy life is a time-consuming but a critical part of the process (the sixth step) and can ultimately be one the most fulfilling. Ideally, you should get involved in activities that you enjoy and that make you feel valid and important.

Never Lose Hope

Your transition may. includes volunteering in the community while others may start a new hobby, employment or going back to school. Setting life goals can be an invaluable part of this step, and looking after your health is also important. When people get enough sleep, eat right and exercise, they tend to feel better, experience less stress and become more compliant with medications. This process also helps prevent a relapse.

Social Interaction and Support

"Friends and family are a valuable support system, but it can be difficult for loved ones to understand all the problems you face due to your illness."

Our Process

Transition Rehab works with individuals whose behaviors effect the daily activities of life of the entire family system, and can be so severe, it becomes increasingly necessary to seek out an all-encompassing agency as Transition Rehab to meet your needs to provides individualized and clinical continuum of care. As each person in that system independently and safely learns to reintegrate back into the community and into their functional daily life, simultaneously, you and the family will develop with one another greater clarity and focus on building a relationship based on mutually acceptable goals.

Life Skills Building toward more independence

"Working with Transition Rehab, a unified organization, it is important for us to first ensure that we establish a foundation of understanding through an initial assessment that can help to uncover the root of the underlying symptoms. Medication management is also often important in order to address mental health concerns, addiction concerns and/or any medical conditions that an individual may be experiencing."

Human Resilience + Opportunities for Meaningful Roles = A New Life Purpose

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What does “all-encompassing” programming mean and Is Insurance Accepted?

As you review our Process and Core Services for Rehabilitative Programming, keep in mind, and remember, that your outcome is an investment in your future.
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