Transition Rehab Model

Our services are overseen and monitored by licensed, degreed and certified trained professionals. We collaborate with community mental health programs, discharge planners at state or private hospitals, NAMI Georgia and local NAMI chapters, private mental health and medical providers, college/university counseling departments, child welfare staff whose clients are aging out of the foster care system and families/care takers who need help.

We look at three things:

the problem

why it is important to you

what you can do about it

Core Services

Clinical Case Management w/Continuum of Life Coaching & Coordinated Clinical Services, Life Skills Training & Coordinated.
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Residential Rehabilitative Services

Transitional residential services and supports are provided to adults 22 years and older who have a confirmed DSM V psychiatric.
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Respite Rehabilitation

Respite care, which includes crisis care, provides temporary relief for caregivers from the ongoing responsibility of caring for an individual with a mental or co-occuring disability.
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Adventure Respite Program

Offered quarterly to individuals who are currently in Transition Rehab transition residential program and to any, male or female who seeks adventure.
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Family Care Taker Respite Workshop

Having a family member with a mental disability, experiencing emotional distress can be overwhelming at times. Transition Rehab iis here to help families.
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Transition Family Educational Workshops

Group training for families teaching specific behavior techniques to promote positive family interactions, Peer support is also provided.
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