Our Purpose

  • Person Centered
  • We keep the focus on learning and growing together
  • We know that learning emphasizes mutuality in emotionally distressing situations that would otherwise be stopped or interrupted
  • We are competent and compassionate and provide a compassionate environment
  • The environment is safe and inviting
  • Residents have the ability to set their own proactive daily schedules
  • To allow people to begin the process of reintegration with monitoring and support. This type of living arrangement is proven to reduce the risk of recidivism and relapse when compared to a straight release directly into society or back home with family

Because behaviors effect the daily activities of life of the entire family system, and can be so severe, it becomes increasingly necessary to seek out an all-encompassing social service organization that provides individualized and clinical continuum of care. As each person in that system independently and safely learns to reintegrate back into the community and into their functional daily life, simultaneously, you and the family will develop with one another greater clarity and focus on building a relationship based on mutually acceptable goals.

In your search for behavioral health recovery, you need the expertise of professionals who can work specifically to continue the transition and reframe the thinking patterns of you and/or your family member who has a hard time controlling their behavior and can act on impulse.

There is widespread agreement that when housing is permanent and flexible, and individualized support services are available as needed, people with serious mental illnesses can achieve and maintain residential stability in the community. Housing without support services or support services without housing--for many, neither works well without the other.

Life Skills Building toward more independence

"Working with Transition Rehab, a unified organization, it is important for us to first ensure that we establish a foundation of understanding through an initial assessment that can help to uncover the root of the underlying symptoms. Medication management is also often important in order to address mental health concerns, addiction concerns and/or any medical conditions that an individual may be experiencing."

Human Resilience + Opportunities for Meaningful Roles = A New Life Purpose

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