Why We're Unique

Transition Rehabs’ environment embraces accountability, responsibility and independence as we coach each woman, individually, and at their pace, with clinical services, full case coordination services, life skill coaching; support services; respite rehabilitation and community resource guidance, simultaneously.

1. Young and older adult woman newly diagnosed; and
2. Young and older adult woman who have chronically relapsed and who are on the edge of losing everything that is important to them; and.
3. Young and older adult woman who want to learn to be accountable & independent; and
4. Young and older adult woman who are seeking another chance to sustain change.

Life Skills Building toward more independence

"Working with Transition Rehab, a unified organization, it is important for us to first ensure that we establish a foundation of understanding through an initial assessment that can help to uncover the root of the underlying symptoms. Medication management is also often important in order to address mental health concerns, addiction concerns and/or any medical conditions that an individual may be experiencing."

Human Resilience + Opportunities for Meaningful Roles = A New Life Purpose

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